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You can upload up to 100 files. Files can be up to 100MB/file. You can upload image/jpegimage/pngimage/gifimage/svg+xmlimage/webp file formats.

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Why Choose ComboKit's Tiny Image for Image Compression?

  • What does ComboKit's Tiny Image do?: ComboKit's Tiny Image is a powerful image compression tool that allows you to optimize and reduce the file size of your images for use on websites. It ensures that your images load quickly and enhance the user experience on your website.
  • Why should I use ComboKit's Tiny Image?: There are several reasons to choose ComboKit's Tiny Image, including its unparalleled upload capacity, lightning-fast compression, support for various file formats, and user-friendly interface. It's also free forever with no hidden fees or limitations.
  • How does it work?: ComboKit's Tiny Image works by allowing you to upload your images, select your compression settings, and then it quickly processes and optimizes your images. Once the optimization is complete, you can download the optimized images.
  • Is it supported everywhere?: ComboKit's Tiny Image is a web-based tool, making it accessible from various devices and browsers. It's designed to be user-friendly and widely compatible.
  • Why did you create ComboKit's Tiny Image?: We created ComboKit's Tiny Image to provide a solution for website owners, developers, and designers to easily optimize their images. We understand the importance of fast-loading websites and the need for efficient image compression tools, which is why we made it free and user-friendly.

How to Use ComboKit's Tiny Image for Image Optimization:

  • Upload Your Images: Click the "Upload Images" button and select up to 100 image files from your computer.
  • Quick Processing: It takes only a few seconds to optimize your images.
  • Download the Optimized Images: Once the compression is complete, you can download the optimized images.

It's Free Forever: ComboKit's Tiny Image is available for free, forever. No hidden fees, and no limitations.

Say goodbye to the old way of optimizing images and embrace the future with ComboKit's Tiny Image. It's the ultimate image compression tool that empowers you to enhance your website's performance, save time, and do it all for free. Give it a try and experience the difference today!